Electronic medium frequency induction melting furnace for casting into ingot moulds.
The crucible is made of pure graphite cemented into a ceramic container.

The thermocouple (1150°C – 2102°F) is inserted in the graphite crucible and enables the constant readout of the melting temperature, which is then stabilized to ensure the complete fluidity of the metal.

The melting conditions is achieved in a short time by the “Solid state” electronic power generator.

In compliance with CE regulations.


Furnace is available in two models of different power, Furnace 5 and Furnace 10 with maximum melting capacity respectively of 5 and 10 kg of fine gold.

Additional information

Alimentazione / Electrical

Trifase 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 5 kW
Threephase 400 V, 50/60 Hz, 5 kW

Frequenza di lavoro / Power Generator Frequency

9 Khz

Massima capacità di fusione / Maximum melting capacity

5 Kg di oro puro / 5 kg fine gold

Raffreddamento / Water Cooling

Ad acqua 3 litri/minuto – 3 bar (Optional: pompa ad acqua interna a richiesta cliente)
3 l/m – 3 bar (Option: built-in water pump)

Dimensioni / Dimensions

Base mm 570 x 570 – Alt. mm 930 / Base mm 570 x 570 – Height mm 930

Peso / Weight

105 kg

Garanzia / Guarantee

12 mesi / 12 months



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