Titancast is a centrifugal casting machine based on the Fusus New Heavy Duty and developed to elevate the design parameters and meet the casting requirements of titanium and other particular alloys.
The casting chamber withstands a vacuum level of 0.001 mbar (1×10-3); the chamber is made of stainless steel, with convex cover and bottom (flat surfaces are not suitable for such vacuum levels).
Medium-frequency induction melting; when processing gold it is possible to activate the self-stirring fuction to ensure the homogeneity from the top to the bottom of the casting tree.
Dynamic double-swing arm for straight and smooth entry of molten metal into the center of the flask.
Two temperature control systems: immersion type S thermocouple for gold alloys and infrared state-of-the-art Instrument Dual-Color Optical pyrometer with temperature setting from 1,000 to 2,200 °C (1832 – 3992°F) ± 1%

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Alimentazione / Electrical

Trifase / Threephase 230/400 V – 50/60 Hz – 10kW

Volume Crogioli / Crucible Volume

Au/Ag – A100.434 (120cc) Graphite
Pt – A100.512 – A100.496 (20cc) Ceramic
Steel/Pd – A100.578 (75cc) Silicon Carbide

Max temperature

2200°C (3992 °F)

Cilindri senza flangia/ Flangeless Flask

Ø min. 80 mm – Ø max. 120 mm
h min. 100 mm – h max. 160 mm

Raffreddamento / Water Cooling Supply

ad acqua 4 bar all’ingresso da rete idrica, oppure tanica da 500 litri con pompa, chiller (su richiesta cliente) / Tap water with 4 bar at the machine inlet, or 500 tank with pump, chiller (option)

Aria Compressa / Compressed Air Supply

6 ∼ 7 bar

Gas / Inert Gas Supply

Elio, Argon, Azoto / Helium, Argon, Nitrogen

Vuoto / External Vacuum Pump

(ad extra costo) 80 m³ idonea a creare un livello di vuoto di 0,001 mbar (1x 10−3) / (at extra cost) 80 m³ suitable for 0,001 mbar (1x 10-3) vacuum level

Dimensioni / Dimensions

base 1150 x 860 mm – h 1300 mm

Peso / Weight

320 Kg

Garanzia / Guarantee

12 mesi (solo se usati consumabili originali Galloni) / 12 months (only when using Galloni original consumables)

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