Company Profile

Aseg Galloni S.p.A. Company, established in italy in 1948, was the first into the world to produce electronic induction machines for melting and casting special metals, precious and non precious alloys for the global jewellery and dental markets. It employs a professional staff and covers an area of 7000 square meters in S. Colombano al Lambro, 40 Km south of Milan.

Galloni Company has always given its specialist dedication to three main purposes:

  • Quality
  • Technological reseach
  • Customer satisfaction

Thanks to its wide technological research it received official awards in 1983, 1990 and 1999. Using expertise and experience gained over many years Galloni has produced a new line of centrifugal, vacuum-assisted casting machines and vacuum-assisted wax injectors employing the most advanced technology in order to obtain an excellent physical mechanical quality of castings.

As far as quality is concerned it is rewarded by 19000 customers including jewellery manufacturers of world-wide renown, dental technicians, specialized schools and universities that are using more than one machines with full satisfaction in 45 Countries including Germany, where over 5000 machines are used for dental application. The export rate has reached levels of 80% and its products are backed up by after sale service organizations made up worldwide by technically prepared selected agents. Galloni Company manufactures its equipment in compliance with the standards CE

For the jewellery production Galloni manufactures and offers a wide and comprehensive range of electronic casting machines for gold,silver and platinum that are applicable to every type of lost-wax casting requirement:

  •   Centrifugal casting-vacuum assisted
  •   Vacuum casting with or without pressure assistance
  •   Static melting furnaces for the production of plates and wires
  •   Vacuum wax injectors with digital pressure control and autoclamp for the best production of wax patterns
  •   Complete casting plants with a full consultancy service.

An «in house» training center offers demonstration facilities and courses for the imparting of «know how».


Attilio Galloni
Founder of ASEG GALLONI company in 1948
Gianluca Galloni
Leonardo Galloni