Multiple Ject

Electronic induction casting machine suitable for a considerable quantity of a same metal to be casted in a continuous way into flasks, one after the other, achieving the purpose by reducing the steps upstream and downstream the melting phase.

After manually loading the metal into the capacious crucible (3500 cc), the power output is proportionally controlled and the temperature is maintained by a thermocouple inserted in the centre of the molten metal.

Through a porthole the operator checks the casting and by a pushbutton lifts the stopper so the metal pours into the underlying flask. When full, flask is removed and another one is placed into the chamber and so on.

Before pouring and for a time set by the operator, vacuum is created into the flask chamber. During the melting and pouring cycle an inert gas flow is possible on top of the crucible.

The flask chamber is easily moved back and forth via a rail which makes a quick alternate of the flasks under the crucible.



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