The tilting furnaces consist of an tilting head with the crucible both connected to the induction system through two water-cooled copper pipes. The induction system is located inside the sturdy alluminium bar frame. The tilting head is assembled on a stable base.

The furnace is controlled by a push-button panel for tilting and emergency. Electronic induction furnaces are suitable to melt any type of alloys, keeping unchanged the physical and metallurgical properties of the metals. They use the latest generation of low frequency generators which ensure a quick melting process at high yielding capacity.

The quality of the magnetic field generated allows to reach the best homogeneity of the alloy to be casted. The digital control enables to optimize the melting process.


K40 utilizes low frequency power generator of the very latest technology ensuring a great mixing of metal and fast smelting even for large volumes. The crucible tilting device is electric and guarantees a pouring of metal into the ingot mould without the need to handle the crucible. The device is designed to overcome any problems concerning possible accidents in the pouring stage.

K40 has a type “K” immersion thermocouple up to °C 1150 (upon request a type “S” themocouple up to °1450 °C is available) or optical infrared devices and inert gas attachment on top of the crucible to prevent oxidation of metal when pouring.

K40 can utilize pure graphite crucibles as well as Salamander.



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