Training center

The training center of gold-casting

Focus on the causes and effects generated in the precision lost-wax method of casting precious alloys in order to reach the control of the successive stages in the process and improve the use of the products, various alloys and thermic treatments.

Lovers of the precision casting art, which ranges from the highly demanding jewellery piece to the mass production of precious jewellery with various shapes.

The diagram shows the full educational program which is carried out in the Training Center. The program covers topics on the basic knowledge of the various technologies and on the metallurgical principles of the precious alloys. The waiting times generated during the practical exercises are utilized for the theoretic explanations supported by video and literature. 

The various stages in the process ranging from the original metal model to the cleaning of the casting trees are explained theoretically and then practically executed using modern equipment.

One day’s session for learning one single stage which might be the treeing method of the wax patterns or the preparation of the investment or the flask burnout or the metal melting and casting procedure.

The Training Center is located in San Colombano al Lambro (MI).